Anne Reynolds, a 90-year-old resident at The Anchorage care home, experienced a heartwarming and magical moment that brought back memories of her love for horses.

Anne’s deep connection to the equestrian world dates back to her illustrious career as a BHS Advanced Instructor, where she not only honed her skills but also had the privilege of teaching the children of the Royal Family to ride. Her rich background and experiences in the horsey world played a significant role in shaping her passion for horses, making her reunion with these majestic creatures all the more special.

During a casual dinner conversation at the care home, Anne expressed her longing to see and interact with horses once again. Little did she know that her dream was about to come true.

The staff at The Anchorage care home, led by Kate and Paula, made it their mission to fulfil Anne’s wish for a “Magic Moment” by arranging a visit to a family-owned show jumping/training/breeding stable in Rudgwick. Anne’s eyes lit up with excitement as she set foot in the stable yard, greeted by a variety of horses, including foals and top Grand Prix jumping horses.

As Anne toured the stables and interacted with the horses, her passion and expertise in the equestrian world shone through.

From naming different pieces of equipment to watching a Grand Prix Showjumper in action, Anne’s joy and enthusiasm were palpable. She even had the opportunity to witness a mare and her 3-week-old foal, Mekong, frolicking in the sand school, showcasing their freedom and playfulness.

Throughout the visit, Anne’s emotions ranged from sheer joy to gratitude, with quotes like “Josh is an absolute talent, he will go far” and “Honestly, this has been the best Magic moment ever” reflecting her deep appreciation for the experience. Anne’s genuine smile and eagerness to return to the stables spoke volumes about the impact of this special outing on her.

Thanks to the thoughtful efforts of the care home staff, Anne’s magical moment was captured by a photographer/videographer, allowing her story to be shared on the home’s website and social media platforms. Anne’s connection to the horsey world, her past experiences as a BHS Advanced Instructor, her interactions with the horses at the stables, and her history of teaching the royal children to ride all contributed to a memorable and meaningful day.

Jessica the home manager said:

“Anne’s magical moment at the stables exemplifies the transformative power of fulfilling dreams and creating meaningful experiences for our residents. Seeing her joy and passion reignited by reconnecting with horses serves as a reminder of the importance of personalised care and the impact it can have on the lives of those we serve.”

As Anne eagerly looks forward to future visits to the stables, her magical moment serves as a reminder of the power of fulfilling dreams and creating lasting memories. Anne’s love for horses and the joy she experienced during her time at the stables will continue to inspire those around her, making her story a truly magical one.