Roy Turner, a resident at Weald Hall care home used to volunteer at the Retired Greyhounds Charity. He recently had a touching encounter with a beloved greyhound called Len. 

His current living situation made travel impossible as Roy can’t move around freely anymore. He told Charlie and Leigh, lifestyle coordinators at Weald, about his wish to see the rescue greyhounds again. So they worked with the shelter and Martin, a current volunteer, to plan a special visit.

Martin brought Len, a friendly black greyhound, to the care home. Roy was overjoyed. The reunion was full of happiness and thankfulness. Roy and Martin spent time talking about their shared love for greyhounds. They also talked about Len’s unique ear tattoo, a common practice in the racing industry.

Danielle Barham, manager of Weald Hall, said: “The fulfilment of Roy’s wish has brought immense joy. I am incredibly proud of the initiative and commitment demonstrated by my team in creating these special moments.

“Charlie did a fantastic job in coordinating this visit, which has brought significant happiness to Roy. It is truly rewarding to enhance the lives of our residents in such meaningful ways.”

When Roy was asked how he felt being in the company of Len for the day, he said: “It was truly amazing.”

A special gift and a thrilling race

To remember the special visit, Martin gave Roy a picture of Len. He also gave him a beautiful brass greyhound ornament for his room. The visit ended on a high note. Martin gave a speech to all the residents. They enjoyed tea and biscuits, and watched a thrilling race that Len had won before. The lively atmosphere made it feel like they were at the races.